Atom 1.0.7 communication issues?

I just updated to Atom 1.0.7 and Atom is not giving me the RunInRhino is not showing up. restarted Atom & Rhino a few times. Rhino says it is listening for Atom requests.

Anyone else having issues?


I did discover this if I right-click in the code editor window (for lack of it’s real name) I get this.

I also see that the menu item has disapeared from the TreeView context menu.

You can still launch the command via the editor context menu like you mention, from the top Packages menu, or the key bindings.

I’ll look at what changed in Atom. Thanks for letting me know.

Hi Ryan,

Does the “Save and Run in Rhino” command still not showing in your tree view (left)? I only saw this problem for a little while in between some Atom updates. I’m considering this as a minor issue since there are 4 other ways to run the command.


Hi Alain,

It shows up now, though I only just noticed since I have always run it from RMB on text field window.

Curious, what are the other ways to run the command?



other ways to launch the command:

  • context click in the editor window (like you mentioned)
  • ctrl + alt + r to launch directly
  • from the main Packages/RhinoPython menu
  • shift + cmd + P to launch the cmd palette and type SaveAndRunInRhino

thanks, good to know.