At.Studio - Web publishing and remote collaboration for Rhino

Hi Everyone,

@camnewnham and I have been working on a free web publishing platform for Rhino called to help share and discuss rhino models in collaborative online studio spaces. The plugin adds a single ‘Publish’ command to rhino for exporting, compressing and then previewing models in a web browser, as well as an online platform with a bunch of social features for sharing and discussing projects.

We’ve built in an attempt to make a more engaging and immersive experience of design projects, design reviews, pinups and exhibitions than 2D virtual whiteboards or worse, endless Zoom screen shares. It’s now at the point where we would like to share this with the community to see what you will do with it. Some info:

Example gallery -
Get the plugin - (or on Food4Rhino)
3 minute getting started videos -

And just to make this post a little more pretty, here are a few images summarizing what it can do:


Hi @gwyll
I was trying to access recently, but can’t seem to connect. Has this project been taken down now?
I used it in uni (I see my model in one of the photos you’ve posted!) and quite liked the interactive aspect of it for online collaboration/ discussion.