At model triangular grounds - it is qualitative?

Hello, if I create model in Rhino, then the most part - triangular polygons. I am not going to create animation of an object (for example, deformation of some parts). If I transform all model to triangular polygons - whether there will be a majority of programs to work with this object without problems (defects). By the way, ZBrush is capable to transform a curve triangular grid to a beautiful quadrangular grid… Means if I make an object of triangular polygons, then it can even be used for animation and to edit an object in other programs (if to convert into quadrangular polygons)?

I noticed that in UVLayout it is difficult to do development of objects of Rhino - the reason is that at edges of surfaces many triangular polygons are formed. How to make so that an object (from a set of polysurface) was uniform (without edges) - I do not know. Some simple program capable can eat as ZBrush to convert into an equal, uniform grid (from quadrangular polygons)?

I can call the object made in Rhino qualitative? For this purpose it has to be rendered well in the majority of programs and if it is necessary to edit an object, for example in 3ds Max - an object can be transformed to the necessary grid through ZBrush - all this is present at Rhino object?

Hi Modeler3d - I am not sure I understand the question/problem but I think the short answer is that generally it is impossible to, in Rhino, to guarantee a fully quad mesh from Rhino breps. There is no way except in special circumstances, to merge all faces of a polysurface into one surface and eliminate internal edges - in short, if I understand the problem, the meshes you get from Rhino will need to be post-processed. Somehow.

Incidentally,.The V6/WIP has the beginnings of such a tool, but only the beginnings, it is not robust, yet…


Hi Pascal!
About polysurfaces everything is clear…

Concerning the new tool in Rhino 6. I can’t put Rhino 6, some other program for these purposes can eat (except ZBrush)?

And last question. Whether it is possible to call the object made in Rhino qualitative (more detailed above)?

Hi Modeler3d - I don’t know - 3dCoat is a possibility, but I am not really aware of what works well for this.

I did not really understand what you meant but I think you’re asking about things like spheres that are defined simply and then delivered to the scene in variable levels of detail- more or less accurate meshes, or sub-divison levels if that is relevant, something like that? I don’t think this apples to trimmed, arbitrary, NURBS surfaces… But I may not understand what you mean, still.


I mean any difficult object made in Rhino, for example the machine, the helicopter, the bridge, etc.

I will look… Also I will try to find other analogs.

And what about Blender3D - he is able to edit geometry, works with SubD, it seems?

Hi Pascal!
ZBrush - result cool decided to use! I used the option ZRemesher and here that turned out:



Rhino - the qualitative program of modeling!:grinning:

Rhino can be used also in other purposes!