Asynchronous issues with NodeInCode

Great Guilio!

I have a question, what about cascading using NodeInCode? that is, create a definition (connected nodes) from code. Should we use asynchronous patterns? what considerations can you add for this?


Hi @Dani_Abalde

what were you thinking about when you mentioned “using asynchronous patterns”?
(btw, please start new topics rather than reviving really old ones, please)


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Hey! Thanks for picking up. I’ll keep that in mind.

I am looking forward to using a gh process (several connected components) within a (code) function in order to modularize the processes. If I have several functions in parallel (which call gh processes) whose output is the input of another function, I understand that it must be done asynchronously so that the last function waits to pick up the inputs.

I understand that NodeInCode is a relatively new feature, but if it’s designed to compute individual components, I think it’s just a shortcut, it doesn’t allow anything “new”, but is really cool anyway. However, if it is designed for component processes, it opens a gap in the gh limits.

So, I’d like to try this at some point, if you have any thoughts on it I’d be grateful.

@Dani_Abalde when you get closer to trying please ask anything.
Essentially, the library leverages real Grasshopper components, but allows to call them from different threads because it creates new components for each invoking thread.