Associated dimensions

Are there any plans to introduce associated dimensions ?

I know one can group an object with a dimension, enabling the dimension to change when scaling but would be nice not to have to group

If you place dimensions with history on they will update when the geometry that was snapped to updates.

Yes , turn history on …

Thanks yes this works.

It’s just annoying having to remember and click another button each time one makes a dimension.

Are there any plans to have associated dimensions in future versions of Rhino ? Would be a great feature

Just put always history on:

Is there a way to Record History only for type of select object (here for Dimensions)

I don’t believe so. Here is the history items …

I usually have it on all the time, but just turn off the you broke history notification in settings.


Nope. There is a possibility - not necessarily by object type, but rather by command-by-command. So for example, you can have Copy with history and Copy without. But you would have to make your own macros for this and create a custom command set. And I’m not absolutely certain this works on the Mac side yet.

a # symbol in front of the command will turn history on for that command
a % symbol in front of the command will turn history off for that command

So you could make a macro


Which would make a history-enabled dimension even if you have History turned off…

HTH, --Mitch

Very interesting prefix…but actually not yet working on Mac
I’ll keep it in mind, thank you Mitch

Not working,

he beat me to it.

OK, sorry, we’ll get there eventually… --Mitch

Don’t be. It is one of those little things you don’t miss because you never knew about it. But thanks for giving us this information. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Did not realise one could do so

That would be very handy