Associate layer or model to a GH box

Hi, I just started using Grasshopper so I’m a real beginner.

I’m trying to associate some solid volumes I made, to the Grasshopper window.
In the Grasshopper window I can make a Cylinder, or a Sphere or many other solids. And from these solids I can then create other more complex operations like boolean.

In this case I want to subtract the Red model to the Green model using Grasshopper, but I don’t know how to make those volumes into Grasshopper! Alternatively I want to associate a whole layer to one of these GH boxes (I don’t know the technical name for those boxes like the sliders etc…) .

Thanks! all help is appreciated.

What I’m trying to achieve is explained in detail if you want to take a look at it:

Hi - Please post the Grasshopper file that you have with any Rhino geometry internalized.

OK -

If that is the entire issue that you are having, in Grasshopper, put a Brep component on the canvas from the Parameters > Geometry tab. Right-click the component and click on “Set on Brep”. You will be asked to select an object in the Rhino viewport.

If you need to upload files here for others to look at, you will have to take this one step further - right-click again and click on “Internalise data”.

Thanks! I think this is it, I’m doing it right now.
I didn’t think it was necessary to upload a file since it was a general question.
But now I have further questions. Once I create a BREP it looks like it copies the geometry, and it overlays the existing one. In which layer does it go?

And how to I create a kind of “BREP” but for layers? (instead of selecting volumes, I select a whole layer)

I will share the file, i’m not achieving what I want. I don’t understand that Internalise data function.

Negative-Positive-Intersection GH.3dm (1.8 MB)

It isn’t in any layer, it is Grasshopper geometry, which displays in the Rhino view, but doesn’t ‘exist’ in Rhino. If you want to make it Rhino geometry again you need to bake it. Right click the component and select ‘bake’. You can then tell it which layer to bake to.

If you want to reference an entire layer, use a geometry pipeline component. I’m currently using a heap of them in a definition I’m working on now

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