Assistance with a design project



Dear Rhinoexperts,

I’ve invented a gadget. I bought a Rhino license and thought I would be able to handle the design myself. Now I’m stuck with every basic move. It seems like I do not even find how to get thickness of forms done or extend an unregular form uniformly along an edge by a number of milimeters, so that the surface that is considered simply gets a 3 to 5 mm extension at the rim. Or reduce the whole constructed objekt in a certain section in lenght for exactly 1 cm - impossible. ok this is where I am.

What I would ask for is help in finalising what I started. I got a basic model, that needs a view changes, and needs to be developed further with a view more necessary gadets.

One criteria of course … you would need to be willing to sign a non disclosure agreement. It is an invention as I mentioned.small changes (I know people always say ‘small’ …) :slight_smile:

  • Thickness changes
  • length changes
  • extensions
  • phases and round corners at edges
  • some curve corrections

Major devs - Gadgets:

  • plug connection / quick fit / solid connection / unplug able
  • a cartridge system

Anybody out there interested and willing to go?

THX in advance.


Hey Alexander,

I can help you with your projects. I particularly like to create enclosures for electrical components. I can also 3D print your prototype once ready. Email or call me, contact info below.


Yevgeny K