Assigning visual reference numbers to facets on a sculpture

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I’m new to grasshopper and have done just a few basic tutorials, so forgive my apparent stupidity. I’m in the process of a project which involves numbering and laying out flat the facets that make an angular sculpture. I need to have the number assigned to a facet appearing on the sculpt as well as on the corresponding facet that is laid out (the laid out facets are for CNC purposes and the numbered facets on the sculpt are a guide for assembly).

I have got as far as finding the centre of all my facets and assigning ascending numbers to each of them. I am having problems trying to layout these facets in an even spaced manner when unrolling. Also, the numbering on the sculpture is hidden in my views as they are set in top view plane.

This process sounds simple to me, but I don’t have a firm enough understanding of grasshopper to crack it. I appreciate any help that can be thrown my way!


You can use the Orient component to orient all your facets to XY planes. Create a series of planes with origins spaced out on a grid or layout of your choice. One plane for each facet. Next get the planes at the centre of your facets with Z direction normal to the facet. Use these as you Source planes, the grid of planes as your Target planes as inputs into the Orient component.

It sounds like you have used a text tag to number your facets. You might be better using a text component that creates lines and curves for text as this should be visible from any view.

Also, you are bound to get a lecture from someone about attaching your definition if you want help from the forum… See the post that is stuck to the top of the forum with guidelines for asking questions. If you post your definition then often people can look at it and easily suggest a solution. If you cannot share the content of the definition then try creating something generic that could be used to answer the question. i.e. instead of your actual geometry, use a similar, simplified geometry.

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Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for your help. That is the exact thing I need to do, Patternseeing. I managed to work it out thankyou martynjhogg and I believe I used the process you outlined. Unfortunately time isn’t on my side and I’ve bashed out the cutout forms in a very messy script. I’ve attached it for anybody to look at and comment on if they so wish.

The flattened facets for CNCing have been flipped over as they will be cut hero side down. Doctor mirrored (23.2 KB)

Apologies again for not following guidelines on posting. I believe this is my first time.

Many thanks again to both Patternseeing and martynjhogg.

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