Assigning of properties to voxels

Does anyone have an idea how to voxelize a given volumetric model and assigning properties to such voxels?

Search this and the old forum: if memory serves well there’s defs available that attempt to do that via native components. Mine are pure C# (shown one that does the job via Recursion):

BTW: By properties you mean define a custom class and then query (Lambda/SQL) the items (i.e. the Box + properties [like center, coords, adjacency/neighbor range via some RTree etc etc]) … or something else related with native components?

I want to be able to assign properties such as materials or colors to each voxels. For example I have a cylinder that I want to voxelize. Then, assign a colour gradient of 0 at the radial center to 1 at the outer circumference.

If these properties are - more or less - for visualization and/or for some simple filtering then you can do that via native components (but working with these is not my game > so let’s hope that some other good Samartian can provide you with hints on that matter). If on the other hand you want to perform nested/complex queries then you’ll need to define a custom class (only possible via code) that assigns suitable properties to each voxel made.

But first you should find a voxel solution via native components. BTW: you can voxelize pretty much any Geometry (like a Curve, a Mesh, a Brep, a Point collection blah, blah)