Assigning Groundplane material

Hey everyone!

I need some help with figuring out how to assign a material such as dirt or grass to the groundplane. It sounds basic enough- but the tutorials didn’t tell me how to do it, and none of the forum questions seem to address it. I see people have assigned materials and had problems with the appearances of some materials such as metal or water, but not how to put on a ground material to start with. I have used other rendering software such as keyshot or bunkspeed in the past, so I am not unfamiliar with rendering software. I just cannot find the menu or area that would allow me to assign a material to the ground. Can someone point me in the right direction?


It is not in Rendering tab (shown in the tutorial) but the environment tab. I did not see how to select the material before- but if you scroll the side bar to the left there is a button with ‘…’ on it to select materials.

Which version of flamingo?

In version 5.0 The groundplane gets its own tab in the Flamingo NXT 5.0 control panel

In version 3.0 the groundplane is on the environment tab. I imagine some of the confusion may be that the tutorials and such don’t always differentiate between which version you are using and the controls have changed dramatically.