Assign sections to line elements


I am quite new to Rhino. I have been developing a script to generate a beam and slab type of bridge. I have managed to get the substructure right, but when it comes to the superstructure I am quite lost when it comes to assign complex sections (Y beams, YE beams, W beams, etc) to the deck line elements. I have done some research here in the forum but couldn’t find anything about it.

I think my question has two parts:

  1. First of all, my idea is to import the sections to Rhino and then assign them to the relevant members. However I am not sure if this is the best way, as it would mean that every time the section changes, it would have to be imported from a separate CAD file.

  2. Aside of the above, I am not sure how I can assign a given section to a line, or how to assign different sections to a group of elements that are part of the same output.

I think those two are the main things for the moment. Any help will be much appreciated.