Assign Revit Section by string

I am currently defining Revit sections using the drop down selection ElementType.ByName () . this has an input to define the model catagory, this is a manual input. My query is if i want to automatically assign the designed section extracted from my analysis model, how would I assign it?

Do you mean automatically assing a ‘Name’ to the created Revit section? Are we talking about Revit section views?

Sorry for confusion in Revit terminology i guess it would be assign a Family Type… beam or column “section” size.

Okay. So you want to automatically assign the model category to the new section, based on input extracted from my analysis model?

Yes having found the new section I want to automatically update the element family type in Revit. I don’t want to have to manually select it from a drop down list. The category would remain the same in most cases.