Assign Object to Level?


(Djhg) #1

Seems this should be akin to assigning an object to a layer (which can be done in properties or Layer list), but I can’t find where it’s possible in the case of levels

Window - Elevation fron the active level
(Enric Marquès) #2

Hi @djhg,

It is not possible to assign an object to a level, because an object may be in several levels, like a very tall wall.

What we have plans is to add a feature to “attach” the base or the top of an object to a level, so when the level elevation is changed, attached objects will be transformed accordingly.




It’s good to hear of those plans. One suggestion: assigning object to a level is really good idea even if it worked mainly as a parameter without special philosophy, but for example assigned automaticaly based on level active when created. It helps with extracting and using the “I” in BIM.

(Enric Marquès) #4

Hi @Tomek_Wloga,

Well, we have the information about which levels an object is on. Moreover, when we export the model to IFC, we add the IfcRelContainedInSpatialStructure relationship data. But this information is just currently computed at runtime based on the level elevations and the object geometry extension.



Could be great to be able to use it in tables or in grasshopper, with ability to, for example, reference all the objects assigned to a level and process it. (Elefront refference by… components do not work with VA, so we need this kind of components anyway)

(Enric Marquès) #6

Hi @Tomek_Wloga,

That’s a great a idea, and taking into account that we already have this information, it shouldn’t be complicated to implement these components. I’ve added an entry in our wish-list.

However, I think that a Grasshopper expert should be able to get the list of levels where an object is, using the bounding box information. But it will require many components and it will be much slower than computing it internally.




Do we have any way to get the i formations about defined levels in GH - elevation, cut heights etc? Also, do we have any way to automaticly select and refference VA objects in similiar way VAsel… commands do? Without that I dont see an option for doing that directly in GH.

My point about levels is that it should be modificable parameter. Let’s consider I have some kind of high canopy on my site which should despie its bounding box belong to first level and it would be impossible to take that into account when generating reports.

(Enric Marquès) #8

Hi Tomek,

You’re right, the parameter component for Building and Level is are missing. We’re going to add them also in the next release.

Why do the canopy should belong to the first level?

When the “Attach to Level” feature becomes avaialble, you should be able to do that, as any element will have, at least, a “Level”, “Level Alingment”, with “Top”, “Middle”, and “Bottom”, and a “Offset” propoerty, to indicates the distance between the level elevstion and the element, so when the level elevation is modified, the level will move.




That would be probably the solution.