Assign no color in ConstructMesh

Hello everyone,

My aim is to color only a part of a mesh surface based on a condition.

What I have done so far is the following:

  • I deconstructed the mesh
  • based on the vertex list, I assign a color if a specific geometric condition is true
  • I obtained a list of color for all the vertices (for example red if true, blue if false)
  • I reconstructed the mesh with the list of color.

I would like to know if the vertices which don’t comply to the condition above can be “colorless” and be kept transparent.


No, Rhino meshes need a color for every vertex, and alpha channel is ignored. However, you can create a texture mapping with a color map and transparency mask, although not just with GH.

Thanks for your answer!

I worked it around by deleting the vertices which did not comply to the condition.