Assign new set of indices to existing items

Hi Guys

I am stuck in this situation which is very close to what I want to achieve.

I want to do a loft between top and base curves.
My points system came from some reference that already lost the indices position/mapping (due to Delaunay meshing).
Hence, I will need to do a re-sorting of points so indices 1 will map to indices 1, 2 map to 2 and so on…
Eventually I am able to achieve the mapping, with the help of closest point and shift-list.
However, I had a problem dealing with uncontrollable clockwise orientation and counter-clockwise rotation between the 2 sets of points system.

So I thought of a new idea by projecting the points (from top curve) to the plane of the base curve. This way it will maintain preserve the indices sequence and direction.

I have a question here, is there a way to make/re-assign the 5 shattered curves to comply into the new set of indices as shown below?

Thanks in advance


Ok I did it by doing a member index to search for the points and determine the new indices.

mid (16.5 KB)