Assign Multiple Instance Parameter Values

I am trying to batch assign values to an instance parameter for curtain wall panels.

The error from the Set Parameter Value reads “1. Failed to cast from Double to String.”

The node seems to work if it is an individual panel and individual value but fails when I try multiple at once. I have tried grafting the inputs as well and i get the same error.

So I take it that ID is a project/shared parameter you have created in your model? Try passing the value to a Text component before sending to the setter

I tried, same error uhg

Share the errors or your script and example model please so I can replicate on my side and debug

I think the error is coming from the value input. If I attach a single name it works but assigns the name to every panel. I need a unique value for every ID parameter

Your Parameter was defined as a ‘Text’ parameter, so you need to convert your series of doubles to a series of strings.

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Excellent, that did the trick. Thank you for the help