Assign geometry (cross) to series of points

Hi all,

This is my first message on the forum. I’ve done a quick search on the topic I am trying to solve. I have found one thread in the old forum that was a good starting point:

For some reason my definition does not want to propagate all the cross geometry I have created to the series of points I have managed to map.

Could someone help me out with this please? I would be really grateful (16.1 KB)
AssigningGeoToPoints.3dm (6.3 MB) (16.0 KB)

In order to have help it is important that you gave all informations useful. You put a file that is on your computer. SO not easy to get it. You can internalize some data (not all, it is not necessary). A little sketch is sometime useful.
See that.

I will certainly put a little example showing how to put geometry on a 3D earth with texture. It could be useful for you.
Something like that

Hi Laurent, thanks for your answer. Those are really useful tips. Didn’t realise that people looking at my message wouldn’t be able to download the files I uploaded.

I’ve attached a jpeg visually describing the point I have got to with my definition. Please let me know if it worked and if the information contained is enough for you to understand my issue.


Yes I can download your 3dm and definition, but you have a path. Path is on YOUR computer. I can’t access it. But if you don’t see your geometry right click on the “move” component click on preview (head). image

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Earthquake visualization

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no seismographic of the ocean?

So my definition was right! I didn’t realise that the preview of the move component was disabled.
Thanks a lot Laurent.

It seems that there is some points