Assign different objects to different layers and preserve their orientation

Dear Everyone,

I was wondering on how to import different objects to different layers in Rhino (not the same layer). So each object has its own layer in Rhino after importing it.

I was also wondering how to keep the same object orientation in its own layer after change/manipulate the object in Rhino.


Hi, Rasha

For the import to a specific layer idea, can you use an Alias in Options>Rhino Options>Aliases? If you use “Import SelLast ChangeLayer” you can choose whatever hotkey you want to automate the workflow but you’ll still be choosing the file to import and then the layer you want it on.

I’m not understanding the second question. Can you try explaining it again? If you have a sample file that shows what you mean post that too please.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your response. I did what you told me but it does not work with OBJ files.

What I am trying to do is to import different OBJ structure files to Rhino in different layers.

Thanks for your help,
Regards, Rasha