Assign Attributes (surfaces) for List of Objects

Dear all,
I have a custom component create through C# in GH SDK. This component makes a list of objects as result. For all this objects I have to assign some surfaces creates in RH/GH. I need something to iterate throught my objects and assign for each objects its surfaces. I need something similar to a manager to assign them manually or better automatically using a “tag” or something similar.

I hope my question is enough clear to you. Any suggestions?


Hello, no not really, are we talking about being inside a custom component, if so which language?Or are you in Grasshopper or in Rhino. Why does working with indices does not work here? Could you make a screenshot or better, providing a isolated gh file to visualise the problem?

This is fairly easy & you can do it a number of ways, although impossible to be specific if you don’t post a file.

Hi guys,
Sorry for confusion. So I have some some surfaces like this:

Now i have also a component with a list of custom class objects - “Connections”

I need to assign to every single object of type “Connections” its own surfaces that me “the user” I will decide witch surfaces has to be assigned to every “Connection”. All surfaces will be created in RH/GH. So I need a workaround “user friendly” to assing this surfaces to every single object of type “Connections”.

I imagine a list of my objects when I can click and start a function like this:

to add objects.

I hope this time was more clear. I think my idea is difficult to realize throught GH but I’m open to any solution. Of course I can modify my components to achieve this goal.