Assign a definition to a shape

I made a definition with the intent to create a sort of texture for a project element I am working on. I am now trying to work out which way to go in order to assign the pattern to a given shape.

I am attaching .gh definition and .3dm shape for a better understanding.

shape.3dm (2.2 MB) Passeggio (8.4 KB)

Anyone can help?

Passeggio (19.0 KB) !

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Well, judging by that python component right at the beginning of the definition, I was well away from finding a solution by myself.

Thanks for helping out.

Looks like your initial curve is extremely far away from the origin. Any reason for that?
I didn’t download your 2.2 MB Rhino file because @HS_Kim’s code works with internalized geometry.

Hi @Joseph_Oster
which curve are you referring to?

The perimeter curve that defines the Boundary surface.