Assessing an area in Rhino


I am working in Rhino on a very large document, which includes a whole region. Among things I have to do with this document is the counting of land-use areas, which obvoiously will achieve large values.
Among them is the following: 1.4155305e+09 (+/- 1) square meters
Does anyone know how to achieve the actual number, or the meaning of “e+” and “(+/- 1)”?
A colleague told me it is a mathematical formula, but the values still do not add up.
Can anyone help me?

Thank you!!

That’s called ‘scientific notation.’ The +9 is the number of powers of ten–how many places you need to move the decimal to get the “real number.”

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To add to @JimCarruthers post:

Hi @jcbsa11
If you are using the Area command, you can run it without a pre-selection and then set the units to use.
HTH, Jakob