Assertion Failed error (Rhino 5)

Every now and then when editing materials in Rhino 5 we get this error message and crash right after (luckily when the message pops up Rhino still works and allows to save). Any idea where that comes from?

@andy - any idea?


That looks like Brazil to me (or Neon). Do you have either installed?

Neon is installed, but not used in this file or in general, for a while; no Neon materials in the scene either…

So - any suggestions how to avoid this crash in future? Or what specifically causes it?

@andy - here is the file it generates on crash: RhinoDotNetCrash.txt (2.3 KB)

OK - that’s nothing to do with Neon or Brazil then. I have no idea what’s causing that, but it’s clearly some kind of internet connection that goes wrong.

Otherwise, there’s very little information

I doubt the .txt file is related to the popped up window. If you get that again you should press the Create Minidump File button, maybe even with Full Dump checked, and send the resulting file to .