Assembly technical drawing

Hello. This is not a particular Rhino question. I need to do a disassembly/assembly technical drawing.

I have a few doubts. Is it possible to post a screenshot and get suggestions ?

thanks a lot. I wanted to ask before post something does not relate with the forum



“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

What should i do ?

Just post the image…

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Sorry hahah I am not an native english speaker. Sometimes I miss some ways of expressing.
I can upload the file too if necessary.

Thanks a lot


Hi Bruno,
Ok, that seems nice. But what are your concerns?
Is it about manufacturability? Best way to do detail drawings?

Thanks Mark. This is a project for my uni. It is just to have sometihng that looks accurate. I had my doubt what happens when you have different elements aligned in the same axis. I did this ‘2 level’ resource (purple rings) . I was not sure if that was correct.


For presentations, you definitely want to use a white background. Check out this video

Also, try doing a screen capture using the ‘technical’ mode.

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Yes, I think it’s pretty legible this way, we understand easily the purple spacer’s purpose in the assembly.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! I am using the lines in illustrator to give more like a technical view.
Thanks so much for the added data


A very informative video, thank you for sharing.

Could you place the views of your model and text in layout space and have a progression of layouts that remain unchanged as your work progresses, I’ve asked this question before about assembly or exploded views of models in the past on this forum. I think my question was clear but sometimes I wonder

Do you have any thoughts on this?

Layer visibility and object visibility in a layout detail is a sub set of your model. They will turn on and off with the layers in your model, unless you make them invisible in your layout detail. Make everything visible in your model. In your layout, make the layers invisible as required with HideLayerinDetail (or in the detail layers inspector panel, rightmost icon) and use HideinDetail to make single objects invisible. You will find it will stay this way, no need to lock the detail.
However, adding new layers in your model will have them pop up in all the layout details, you will have to go to each one and make the new layer invisible if you want that.
It should be obvious by now, but you cannot turn a layer on or show an object in your detail when the layer or the object is hidden in the model.