Assembly Line Workflow To Deal With V5 Bug

This is the best way to deal with this bug from Rhino V5.

Since you can’t import something twice, use blocks for things that scale 1:1 in size and History for things that don’t. Then, line 'em up Henry Ford style. Use _Repeat X (slightly faster; 1 less Enter keypress per cmd). Select the 17 things you just made and organize them onto a layer. Then repeat the _Repeat and organize steps half a dozen times.

Finally, you can move them off the factory floor and into your model.*

Giant Asterisk - Be careful to stay away from these things or else you have to start over:

– Don’t be tempted to do something for all 17 blocks at once! Use _Repeat and do them one at a time. Commands like OffsetMultiple will crash Rhino (no youtrack).

– Never mix input geometry from inside the block with geometry that’s outside. Some commands are fine (Loft), but many are broken (Sweep1) (no youtrack).

– Make sure your block is how you want it because any edit (even an accidental dbl click with no edits) will break all of your history (no youtrack).

I’m sure there are more tips. It’s just hard to remember them all in one sitting. Ten years of tiptoeing around this block bug and that import bug…you forget that this silly habit is because of that silly bug. But I waste hours every day dealing with this. I will make another mistake and have to start over. And I will be back to share more with you guys.

Doesn’t look like you have submitted the crash reports… please do if you want to help us out fixing it. Add your e-mail address so we can search for your sent in reports - or if you don’t want to fill out your email address you could put in your Discourse username in the email field instead.

I always submit my crash reports:

Hmm, I’ve been trying to find crash reports sent in by you, even with the URL from the other topic and the keyword OffsetMultiple, but the few reports that did come up were most likely not submitted by you (unless you wrote comments in Russian…) :confused:

I always submit them, 99% of the time with the file and good repro steps/forum post. Are the crash emails automated? It looks like I average one every two months, except for this gap from Aug’19 to May’20.

There’s one other gap in 2018, but that’s because I had to downgrade back to V5.

Anyways, here’s a fresh one for you. The last sentence of the repro is most important.

Thanks, the e-mail is different than the one I can see on Discourse. With this one I can see indeed crash reports.

@EricM, I have logged RH-62304 Crash in RhinoOffsetCurve after looking into the crash report.

What about the real issue? RH-56171 only got logged a year ago, but we’ve been talking about it since the old newsgroup days.

I may only be one guy bringing it up once a year, but it affects every jeweler. Every single one of their days is 30% longer than it needs to be. I’m just keenly aware that the repro steps are known, @dalelear has figured out what needs to be fixed, and it’s still not done.