Asking for help: can't join after doing OffsetSrf

Hello! I’m new in this forum.
I have a question: why after doing OffsetSrf to create a thickness for the poly surface, I can’t join them to create my solid?
How can I do that?
Thanks to everyone.

How are you trying to “join” the surfaces?

The Join command joins surfaces with edges which coincide. It does not fill gaps, such the gap between the edges of an original surface and an offset surface.

Loft can be used to create surfaces to fill the gaps between the edges of the original surfaces and the offset surfaces.

To create a solid when using OffsetSrf set the option Solid=Yes.

Okay, thanks.
I thought i could join them to create one solid since they are two separated solids.
Thank you very much!

@silvia_natale I thought I would take a moment and create a video that shows different methods you can use to create a surface between an original surface and offset surface.

Surface Options After Offset Surface



THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Your video has been very helpful.