Ask for help on ball subdivision

hope to do sth like this↓

already got points on ball surface ↓

but the numbers of points on each horizontal circle are different
don’t know how to continue

anyone know how to do it?

gh file↓
ball (28.8 KB)

If this is an AEC thing of some sort (in this case this is NOT the way to do a geodome) … I would strongly advise to read (and fully get the gist) about Domes (classes, seed, frequency etc etc) .

For a start, see some entry level stuff here:

geodesicmath.pdf (651.1 KB)

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thanks a lot :+1:
that looks like a more scientific way to subd a dome
but that method can not keep the horizontal frames
I’ll think it over :slightly_smiling_face:

Domes have their own rules (See GD_F4 as well) I’m afraid. DO NOT attempt to violate them for a vast variety of reasons (most notably related with the resulting clusters of panels [for the envelope in real-life … blah, blah]).

BTW: In real-life nobody cares about horizontal base panels (so to speak) or struts (at least having the general case in mind). For instance you MAY think that this base is horizontal … but is not (life sucks):

While this is horizontal (but who cares?):

Have in mind that any geodome with a non horizontal base “looks” cooler (LOL):

BTW: That said I hate Class II domes (shown a Spherical, Class I, icosahedron, Frequency 10 example):

And the same as a non spherical solution (compare the amount of the “distinct” panels … meaning a serious departure from some sort of rational thinking):

geo_spheres_indexing_34AK.pdf (874.2 KB) geodesic.pdf (564.8 KB)

GD_F4.pdf (4.4 MB)

Moral: When in Rome, do as the Romans do .

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thanks a lot!
I really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

Tip: always go for a mesh in spherical or not geodomes (of course you can treat the edges as a graph as well) because the Mesh class (and other related classes) exposes various handy Rhino Methods for connectivity (TV, TE, F : in fact there’s 7 out of the possible 9 available) - the most clitical part of any real-life AEC modular creation.