Ask for divide the curve by list of numbers

Hello, I am new with Grasshopper, now I am working on my model and got stuck with some problem, I wanted to divide the following curve from different numbers on my list, but I do not know how to use the component. If anyone could help me that would be nice. Thank you in advance. I attached the file with this post in case you want to see the problem.divide (12.6 KB)

Your gh file is useless because of the lack of the data from your File Path component.
You’d better internalise those data fr two File Path component.
See No.3

@HS_Kim, Oh I forgot about the file, Ok I will change it now. Thank you very much.

I don’t quite understand your intension anway, this is the simplified version of your definition with data matching.

divide (13.1 KB)

@HS_Kim , Thank you very much, I will try to learn from your file.