As a student, can I buy two student OSX Rhino licenses for two systems that I own?

I already have one student copy of Rhino OSX for my laptop, and I also purchased a student license of Rhino 5 WIN before the OSX version came out which is sadly not being used. I’m considering getting another Mac system in addition to my Mac laptop and would love to have Rhino running on both computers. Since there is no policy for trading in or upgrading a Windows license of Rhino 5 for Rhino OSX, am I eligible as a student to buy another OSX license at the “juicy” reduced rate?

The followup to this question is: can I simply install my single Rhino OSX license on both computers, but only run one at a time?

Thanks forum!

No, just one, but the license agreement allows you to install your Rhino on both of the computers provided your own them and Rhino isn’t running on both computers at the same time.

Thanks John, that sounds good enough – so is it against policy that I own a student license of Rhino WIN and a student license of Rhino OSX?

Well, this is technical support so I’m not positive other than I know the special educational pricing is extended to qualified users for a single copy.

Probably best to call Sales for the details at 206.545.7000

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Alright thanks John.

I have no authority on the matter but it seems ‘fair use’ to have a licence for each platform, otherwise you exclude eligible customers who switch platforms…