Artifacts after match surface

I get odd anomalies often after doing a match surface operation like the shots below. Where should I look for the problems? Also, when creating surfaces, is it better to use the edges of surfaces or the curve that was used to create them? For example when lofting or using EdgeSrf one can select either edges of surface or curves - which produces a better object or does it matter at all?

Argoflex4.3dm (65.4 KB)

In general use the edges of existing adjoining surfaces when .creating new surfaces.

How did you create the corner surface?

What level of continuity between surfaces are you trying to achieve?

The edge curves with ends within tolerance are only G1 (tangency) continuous. If you create surfaces using these curves, and then use MatchSrf to make the surfaces G2 (curvature) continuous then “distortion” such as you are seeing is likely to result. MatchSrf moves control points of the surfaces to achieve the desired level of continuity. Start with curves with the desired level of continuity for the resulting surfaces.

@JKayten There are gaps between the ends of some of your edge curves. STOP trying to create surfaces until you can create a network of edge curves without gaps between them. You are wasting your own time as well as the time of those who are trying to help you by asking about problems with matching surfaces when at least some of those problems originate with the bad edge curves used to create the surfaces.

That looks rather like too low resolution Zebra shading mesh. You can adjust it, there is a button in Zebra widget. Whenever possible you use edges, as David said. There is also an interesting EndBulge command you should get familiar with.

I’m sorry for the mistakes. I really am. :confounded: I understand the value of everyone’s time and I’ll be more circumspect before reaching out from now on.

I should probably give it rest but I can’t seem to leave it alone until I can make it work. I’ve been over this particular model so many times I’m losing track of what I’ve done or not done, as well as the advice I’ve been trying to assimilate.

Going back over the curves network I found there were tiny line segments left behind after splitting and exploding. I’d overlooked them (they were very small) and started making surfaces.

I’ve turned off history as well as any osnaps not absolutely needed including grid snap which seems to have been confounding things in some cases. (not blaming the program Mitch)