Artifact in rendering

Hello All,

After getting much help form this forum I was able to render out many items with the same settings with a very good rate of success but now I’m getting some sort of artifact in this one.

Any thoughts! Thank you. (17.6 MB)

run the selbad command, does anything light up?

it looks like a render mesh error, and they are usually caused by bad trims or bad objects.

that mesh has some weird topology

here, using a mirror material, we can see it coincides perfectly with the artifacts

Rhino does not report it as a bad mesh, and rebuild mesh/normals/unify normals/etc did nothing to it; maybe someone else knows a trick, but I’d guess the original source object will need to be re-meshed

a quadremesh may help here-

quadremesh gives horrible results as well, as there is plenty of hollow tubes inside.

instead of messing around with the mesh that has some vertices with valence 75, I’d take advantage of the fact that the geometry is pretty simple. this is reversed in 20sek. per window. project a line on the mesh in front view and extrude the resulting curves with gumball. if really needed for the rendering, you can cut out the little spares and then use the nurbs to render rather than the mesh.

you can even explode the mesh, and simply extrude the bottom or top face and get a new object very quickly
that new object renders fine


Thank you ALL. I’m drawing these in SolidWorks and I was told that the exporting them as VMRL was the best way to get them into Rhino.WRONG!
I imported the SolidWorks assembly file directly into Rhino and they are perfect!
Thank you all again. Sometimes we just need someone to show us whats right in front of our face.