Articulations with a Shading System/Canopy

I’m still working on a project that requires me to build a train station at the end of a line.

After making a hexagonal canopy in Grasshopper, I want to change it to a triangle so that its parts can be put in a logical way. The triangular shapes of the canopies are meant to represent something about the trains. In my mind, they look like arrows pointing in the opposite direction of the trains. Trains come in from the right and stop in the middle of the canopy. However, these arrows (pointy arrows) represent the deceleration of the trains.

I already made a triangular canopy but I don’t know how to shape the arrows. Here is the gh file so the extra commands can be added. (11.7 KB)
Hexagonal Panels.3dm (307.7 KB)


Here is one idea using a Scale NU to reduce triangles pointing down.
I guess you want the panels pointing up to also scale somehow in length ? That would require to scale the base pattern I think, I’m gonna try this now. (19.1 KB)

is it possible where I can use control points to play with the pointy arrows, and if it is, which command do I connect it to?

NVM i figured it out

I broke almost everything in the file for playtesting, so I’d recommend summing up the ideas and and starting back from yours. I’d be happy to see the final result ! (32.3 KB)

I appreciate it man, I’ll show you the results once I’m done