Artefacts in Orthogonal Views in several Display Modes

affected modes are technical, pen and artistic view from what i see. here i drew a simple sphere.

Are you using 6.17? Silhouette drawing has been updated in that version

using the latest build which outdated the last release candidate. 6.17.19232.11342

Please post your model. I realize it is very simple, but want to make sure I’m testing with exactly what you are using

i realized this on a different model, drawing a sphere i only did to see if i can repeat the issue myself.
anyway here you go simple sphere.3dm (3.1 MB)

Thanks; use TestToggleTechDisplay for now to draw with the older technique. I’ll get this fixed right away.

thanks Steve TestToggleTechDisplayMode works

RH-54410 is fixed in the latest Service Release