Artefact problems

Hi everyone,

I have some problems while modeling i have some artefacts and my last boolean union is creating another one, i seached a similar problem on youtube and here but i didn’t found, i join you my file and a picture.
stylo.3dm (3.0 MB)

Thanks a lot if somebody has the anwser :slight_smile:

this (unfortunately) happens often, it’s a meshing problem. Use custom mesh and play with the ‘angle’ setting and ‘max. dist edge to surface’. Use ShowRenderMesh to see that this is a mesh artifact. (HideRenderMesh to hide)

Thank a lot, i’ll check that as soon i’m back home and i’ll say if it worked.

Thanks again :).

Thank you Gigs, it work!!!

Exept one artefact doesn’t desapear but it’s less visible :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot