Artec Texture mapping

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Has anyone worked with Artec scanners and specifically the texture mapping. The texture output is 100’s of 512x512 jpg files. Can Rhino apply these textures to a scanned mesh??

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if the scanned mesh have the uv mapping shouldn’t be a problem. if not, I guess Rhino isn’t the best option for mapping meshes.

So the question is still can Rhino apply these discreet textures over the whole mesh?

Yes, it is possible. Artec studio allows you to export multiple formats of textured meshes. You have to export textures as jpeg map which will be projected on a mesh (in obj. file format) with a mapping file “.mtl”. See my results below:



You might need an app that can convert the separate files to a texture atlas, existing UVs may be needed to do this.

I export meshes in Artec Studio as OBJ.

In Rhino I set the texture mapping to surface…

scanned with my Artec Leo

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