Arrowhead Missing when conversion from Rhino to AutoCAD

When I export curves with arrowheads from rhino to AutoCAD, the arrows get vanished. I just see simple lines instead of lines with arrowheads.

Could you please tell me how to export curves with arrowheads when I convert the files from Rhino to AutoCAD?

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I’m not sure if there is a way. AutoCAD doesn’t support arrowheads on curves.

Currently there is feature request to add the ability to explode arrowhead to primary elements so it can be exported to AutoCAD.

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In Rhino 7 you can create a dimension style with leaders that use splines instead of polylines. However, I do not know how these leaders export to AutoCAD - don’t have it here.

Can any python script help this? Could you please give me some hints?
I have already designed in rhino but I need to convert them into AutoCAD

I don’t know how to convert arrowheads into geometry. I just tested exporting spline leaders via DXF and re-importing into Rhino, that seems to work, but I don’t know how ACAD handles them.

SplineLeaders.dxf (168.2 KB)

You can try this quickie script to add a vector arrow to a curve… Don’t really have time to flesh it out this afternoon… (1.3 KB)

The previous script added the arrow to the end of the curve - the arrowhead tip was further out. Here is a script where the tip of the arrow is the end of the curve. It currently does not trim the curve, it just lies on top of it. Lots of other stuff could be added, such as filling the head with a hatch, etc. (1.8 KB)

These are just sort of test functions, nothing really sophisticated.


A workaround that worked for me is to export to adobe illustrator, add the arrowheads in illustrator and then export to autocad with “preserve apparence” in the settings.