Arrow cursor problem. WIP 5.2 5C95w

I get that working on the model the cursor arrow turns into “spacer”.
Using the SpaceNavigator Pro and Wacom working Rhino. It happens with any model and randomly.

Rhino does not explicitly set the mouse cursor when it is running. Instead, in OS X, a program declares what cursor should be displayed when the mouse is over a particular section of a window. It is up to OS X to then change the appearance of the cursor as it moves about in a window.

Rhino does not directly use the “resizeLeftRightCursor” that is displayed in your screen shot. That cursor is used by the native OS X split view control. This looks like an OS X problem of changing and restoring the mouse cursor when moving the cursor over a split view boundary.

So I assume that the problem is of El Capitan. It happens only with Rhino. How can I report this problem to Apple? Thank you.

Reporting a problem first requires a detailed description of how to quickly and repeatedly duplicate the problem. If a developer (whether Apple or us) cannot duplicate a problem, we cannot find the cause, and we won’t be able to fix it.

I would not make any assumptions about what causes the problem. Find the set of conditions that let you reliably duplicate the issue, and then test that those are the required conditions by changing one of the conditions and determining that the problem no longer occurs.

I report bugs to Apple using this developer web page: You need an Apple ID, and you need to be a registered developer in their developer program. Registering as a developer is free.

If you find a way to quickly and reliably duplicate this, I can report it to Apple.

Ok. Thank you Marlin