ArrayPolar on Meta-Ball Component-intersection area

Hello guys.
i created a “X” shape form in Grasshopper with MetaBall Command, but later when i wanted to Ran Polar-array on it, i ran into a problem which is the curcular Sections in new Intersection points cant merge to each other, i try to fix the paths and indexes but i cant figured it out.
in the picture i marked the issue, i want to “Red Intersection area” becomes like “Yellow Intersection Area”
I Uploaded The “gh” File on the Topic too.

Thank you, sorry if my English is not Good Enough! (14.4 KB)
Secondary Donwload link


You can graft your planes list instead the lines list, so you have a tree structure that have a branch for each plane, and you can build up a simpler definition.
See attached (12.8 KB)

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