Arraying Multiple Objects in a Specific Order without Grouping

I’m trying to array a set of curves in a specific order so they can be used as a set of paths in the next step of my project. I was able to use the Merge command to create a single curve sequence of three identical circles, the curve, three identical circles at the end of the curve, and another curve that goes back to the first set of circles. When I try to use Polar Array to copy this set of curves around an axis, it rearranges the curves where it lists all of the circles, then all of the open curves. How do I either keep this from happening or edit such a large list once its happened?

Thank you! (19.2 KB)

Looking for Flip Matrix? (20.7 KB)

The curves need to rotate around the center of the circles at each end so I’m not sure if that’s what I’m looking for. I managed to do it by grouping the curves, arraying the group, then ungrouping and flattening the data. Is a flip matrix a simpler way of doing that?

Are you familiar with data tree? Both results are the same.
And it seems you’ve misunderstood the sweep angle input of Polar Array. You used degree, but the default algle in radian is already 2.0*pi.