Arraying/Dividing Uniformly Along a Curved Surface

I have some wood planks I’m trying to project along a curved surface, something like a half cone(see first image). Let’s say the wood planks are 2 units(feet in my case) wide. I can array lines every 2’, then project them onto the curved surface, but since I am projecting lines that were arrayed on a flat surface, onto a curved surface, it loses its uniformity. Some planks end up getting less than 2’ for example.

Is it possible to project lines on a curved surface, or even divide a curved surface like a half-cone into equal parts? I know divide surface command might have helped if this was a half cylinder with the front and the back of the surface with the same radii, but since the surface I have has a different radius on the end vs front, I don’t know if divide surface might be useful in this case. Wood planks would follow the red lines on this top view image, not following the edges of the surface. I have attached the Rhino file as well.

Curved Surface

As you can see, things like divide surface, or paneling tools, follow the surface edges, so the end and the front width ends up being different.


Test.3dm (78.8 KB)

Is this what you are after? (13.8 KB)

I believe so but I cannot check it because looks like I don’t have “split brep multiple”, is it a python script?

Rhino 6

Awesome, I have Rhino 6 in my home computer, I will take a look at it when I get back home. Would this solution work if the end of my curve was like this;

Surface_4.3dm (67.6 KB) (14.5 KB)


Really appreciate your help! And if I end up designing 2 separate wood widths, like 2’ and 1’, would I introduce series to your solution? I can try to solve it myself as you’ve already helped me a lot, but just wondering if that’s the right way I should try to solve it? It would go like 2-1-2-1-2-1, for example.

I actually found the solution for my final inquiry, never mind. I really appreciate your help again! @HS_Kim