ArrayCrv options missing in gh

Hey all,

I am trying to orient a series of panels along a curve in gh but unfortunately I can’t achieve what I am looking for, which is something similar to this:

My problem is that I got this result in Rhino and I am looking for a parametric approach to avoid problems in future stages of the design process. I used ArrayCrv and oriented the objects parallel to the CPlane (sorry, I am using Rhino in German):


The thing is this option is not included in gh so the objects are oriented following the “freeform” option and creating a strange twist at the end of the curve, with 90° difference from the start.

I also tried using Orient but I am having trouble finding the right target plane: I used the tangent vector of the curve for X and rotated it 90° on XY for Y but the result is again not what I wanted. I know I should rotate the tangent but I don’t know in which plane (def not XY).

I tried a few more things (aligning, rotating the planes) but none of them can recreate what happens in Rhino so any more ideas would be appreciated :slight_smile: (20.6 KB)

Something more like this? (13.4 KB)

Yes, that works!

I needed to change the rotating angle from 45° to 90° as I want the first and last panels to be parallel to the ground but in general it works like a charm :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response