Array solid between 2 curves


So I am trying to model a trellis and basically I have a solid object that i need to array between 2 curves because the 2 curves change in height and width so the angle and length of the solid piece will change. I also need the object to be perpendicular to 1 of the curves and the solid piece is 5.5" x 2.5" and the spacing between each peice is .5". Im just starting to learn grasshopper so everything ive tried to script hasnt worked even close so i dont have a GH file. Attached is a model of what is close to what I am looking for but it is not accurate at all. thanks in advance. Trellis render 190819.pdf (2.2 MB)

I have tried taking a pass at the GH script but cant seem to get anywhere with it ill post it here
GH array on 2 (8.6 KB) option 4 array.3dm (164.5 KB)

update 2
I have solved the rotation now i just need to change the length.
rotating (9.9 KB)

update 3
i did not solve the rotation i thought i did but its not there yet

Can anyone help? or am I not providing enough information?