Array one item along a crv

I need to drop a single marker which can be a simple line 10 or 20mm long a set distance along a curve, I have tried arrray along a curve but I cannot limit it to one item if I select distance ? the number of items automatically increases. ?

I use the markers to place a mark where I want to start sewing a zip or stop sewing , currently I am placing a mark manually and repeatedly measuring the distance to get it right.

another way would be to anchor the distance tool to the curve end point and allow that to drop a marker at the specified distance ?? this would be a good way as it is infinitely adjustable a bit like using a compass when drawing.

any better way to do either ?


Have a look at the osnap modifiers, Along and From:|_____2|_____7

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Thank you @John_Brock I am reading now.
Is it normal for the advanced Osnaps to be greyed out ?
I can’t seem to select them

Yes it is normal. For a one-shot osnap like AlongLine you can’t turn it on permanently.

You have to select the drawing command you want to use and only when you are prompted for the first point (or centre or whatever) do you select AlongLine. You will asked on the command line for the start and end of your tracking line. After you have clicked on these you are asked for the start of your new line. You type in the distance you want to move away from the start of the tracking line and Rhino places the start point there. The AlongLine osnap is then automatically disabled again.

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Hello - here’s a macro that might or might not help:

 _OrientOnCrv _Pause _Pause
 _SubCrv _Pause _Pause _Pause
 _Copy=_Yes _Perpendicular

When you are prompted for the ‘curve to temporarily shorten’ select the target curve and then snap to the point you want to measure from - like the hard corner. then type in the distance and Enter. You can then place the new subcurve and snap to its end to actually place the marker.



woohoo thanks everyone, something else to add to the skillz box :slight_smile:
i’m making slow progress but it’s still progress …