Array on Surface

I’m working with a lidar-scanned point cloud of the vehicle. The roof is missing because the scanner wasn’t held above the vehicle. I want to patch the hole on the top of the vehicle. My thought is to create an array of points at the same spacing as the lidar scan, convert those to a point cloud, and then align them with the hole in the vehicle.
I’m trying to use ArraySrf to create an array of points from a single point that cover a surface shaped like the hole in the vehicle. I created the surface as an extrusion of a curve from the right profile of the roof. This made a poly surface. When I try to use arraysrf and select the poly surface, the array only gets formed along a single surface in the poly surface.
What do I need to change in order to get the array to cover the entire poly surface? This isn’t a complicated polysurface shape that I’m using, it’s essentially a flat roof with a rounded front edge that looks like a 3D “J”, turned sideways.

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understandable. How much is missing?

Indeed. There’s many ways to do this.

That sounds like one way of doing it. Although, a point cloud is more like a raw state in the beginning phase of product development. Eventually geometry should end up being in the mesh, or surface type formats. And if you don’t have a real sophisticated meshing program, then it would be best to convert the geometry into NURBS or SubD.

If you need mesh format you can always convert back to mesh.

It all depends what geometry format you want in the long run.

Shrinkwrap the pointcloud and the surface which closes the hole.

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I’ll try it.
Tangent topic: when I try to use ReducePointCloud, my Rhino 7 says Unknown Command. Why is that?

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Hi Martin:
My system also doesn’t know the Shrinkwrap command. Is that that a work in progress command?
I’m running 7 SR31

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yeah, command might be same as ‘reducemesh’ or is it in V8? lol :thinking:

yeah I think its in v8

yeah try the latest WIP

3 days till next update :sunglasses:

Shrinkwrap is a new command in Rhino 8 and since you have a Rhino 7 license, you can download and try the WIP

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