Array of lofts between curves

Hi guys,

I have a problem in my early journey of using Grasshopper

We have gotten the task to recrate The Absolute Towers in Canada by using Grasshopper

I have created my shape of curves following the buildings rotation. I want to loft/patch (whatever) between my inner and outer curve to fill the hole. I want to fill in the black aread (look photo) and i want to do it with every set of curve i have. I have tried using weave and partition to list the curves, but that didnt do what i want. The only thing close to what i want, is to loft the whole curve, but i need to remove the curve in the middle, so there is a hole

Hopefully everything is uploadead correctly. There should be a cutout photo and a grashopper file

A student using Grasshopper


Assignment Absolute (26.5 KB)

Absolute (26.0 KB)

Absolute (28.8 KB)

Absolute (27.7 KB)