Array along surface


I am trying to array the stone and prongs on the surface and the arrayed items are not within the surface.

  1. I have shrunk the surface
  2. I created a point to use as a reference point to array
  3. Also I click on the surface corner where I wanted to start arraying (top left) but clearly it is not the start point to array

What do I need to do?

arrayalongsurface.3dm (14.6 MB)

Hello - the point you pick is arrayed on the surface - since the point is at one edge, some of the objects will fall off of the target -

the mapping is from CPlane X > Surface U

i.e. there is no provision for forcing the etire mapped object to fall on the surface.
In this paricular case I would simply use Array.


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thanks Pascal!

But if then if i use just array, and I want all these items on this particular surface, do i need to move them manually?

Hello- I guess in this case I might use ArrayLinear twice, placing the very first unit where you want it beforehand:




Does that make sense?


It makes sense, it is a good alternative for this surface. Thank you!
It would be great if there was an option though that could array items on and within a surface (specially for more organic surfaces), with option to input distance between items, etc - without less “manual” adjustment. I need to learn grasshopper :-)!
Thanks again!