Array along Curve wont result completely vertical objects?


Hello. I wonder if some one could help me here. I think this is an awkward situation but i dont know how to figure this.

I need to array along curve this vertical rectangular poly-surface. The path it goes up smoothly and the objects need to result completely vertical. I am not getting straight results and always give me a obliques objects. Here are the sample file + rhino file:

Terrain Fence.3dm (3.6 MB)

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - try this Rhino Script - I think it does what you want - Drag and drop the saved rvb onto Rhino to add the alias


That alias will run the script…
ArrayCrv_Flat.rvb (4.9 KB)



Hey Pascal. How are you. Thanks man, but. Can you explain how this scrip works? command line?

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hello - yes, it should just work like a command if you drag and drop the script file (rvb) onto Rhino once. After that it should just work.



yap it work fine. All objects straight and completely vertical.
But it is impossible to choose distance between objects.???


The method i find to do it is, divide curve by length to give me points. Select and count points. Then «'array crv flat» and tap the same number of points.


This can also be done with a little help from Grasshopper…

Terrain Fence_GH.3dm (6.8 MB) (6.0 KB)


I remember Grasshopper. But unfortunately i do not know how to work in it.


Anyway. Thanks again. You save my afternoon here at work.

(Pascal Golay) #10

Hello @Architex - here’s a version that adds


ArrayCrv_Flat.rvb (5.6 KB)



Your are the best my friend.

Thanks a lot


(Pascal Golay) #13

Hm - ok, hold on a second… @Architex this will fix that error but I did not make the change for spacing on the ‘base point’ version of the script - I can do that.

ArrayCrv_Flat.rvb (5.8 KB)
(Updated April 24/2018)

@Architex ok - I think the one now attached works for distance and base point.



hello pascal.
Yesterday i didn’t test your last script.
Today i was working and when i needed array objects i found that by “distance” still result in error.

(Pascal Golay) #15

@Architex - do you get the same error? Of course it worked here… let me start from scratch with drag and drop, I was testing from the script editor.
OK - I set up the aliases incorrectly - copy/paste but did not modify. So - I’ll update the script above, so new people don’t download the bad one, but @Architex - you’ll need to delete the aliases (Options > Aliases) for


Then drag and drop the updated script one more time… did I get it right this time??



Thanks… The scrip is now optimized and work like charm.

Thanks Pascal
Best regards