Array Along Curve (within curve)

@pascal That is very useful to know! I did not even notice those options before, too busy calculating the distance for the next copy.

@jeremyp Knowing that you could also do it this way: Copy your dovetail curve the required number of times, at some equal distance. Draw a line from the beginning of the first to the end of the last. Draw the line that you want to divide at the required length. Use the “Flow” command, with options “Rigid” and “Stretch” checked, to transpose the copies to the correct positions.


OMG! I love you!
I’ve been asking for this for ever now!!!
Thank you so much for making my life a 100 times easier:) There should be a button for this in the array section.

@pascal Thanks Pascal. I will play with these too. Any idea what’s going on with the scale in the mm template?

@maxz Thanks will check out this method too.

I was having the same issue, not being able to array objects along a curve, completely within the curve. I did find this topic before I made a new topic asking the same question and tried to download the Python Sctipt file “” Jeff Hammond uploaded on April 3.

When I tried that I got this error message: “The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.”

The same thing happened yesterday and today with a file I uploaded in another topic when I and other users got the same error message trying to download that file.


! _Copy _Pause _Pause _Pause _UseLastDistance _FromLastPoint _UseLastDirection


OK, so is this off topic?

ArrayCrv is causing me troubles:

I’m arraying a point along a 3d curvy line and the points are not sticking to the line.

Is this normal?

What’s the fix?

See attached.

Thanx … Chris

ArrayOnCurveError1a.3dm (321.7 KB)

basically, your first point needs to be at the end of the curve.

Hi Chris - Set BasePoint > snap to the current point location.


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You’re kidding me.
It worked!
Now I know how to use this fantastic command the right way.
Believe me when I tell you I read the User Manual!
Cheers …

hey Chris.

a different command you might like better for placing equally spaced points along a curve is _Divide.

(in case you’re not already aware of this command)

Thanx for the reminder, Jeff.
I prefer to do the copy along curve, b/c once the curve is broken up, it’s busted.
It’s too much added junk to save a copy of the curve and then break up the original.
Cheers …

Hi Cadman - Divide just places points unless you ask it (command line option - Split=Yes/No) to cut up the curve.


Thanx Pascal.
It’s been so long since I used it, I forgot.
Also, my Acad memories are dredging up.

I know I am necroing this thread but does anyone have this script? It is not available for download from the links anymore.