Array a CURVE on a Brep


I asked a simplified question before, however still has issues. Here I post my real project here, hope someone could give me some suggestions.

I need to array an angled curve on a Brep. The issue for me is what should I do when there is a turn in the Brep.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.
test-curveOnBrep-20230725.3dm (698.2 KB)

One way is to make it a single surface instead of a polysurface and surface morph should do it.

TBH I think there should be better ways.
I’m curious as well.

  1. Unrolled brep and curves from your file with a C# script (I’m sure you could find a plug-in to do this).
  2. Used Contour component to create curves based on the curves from your file.
  3. Used Sporf component to flow curves back to your original brep. (67.3 KB)
Geometry internalised in gh file.



Wow, smart.