Array 14 circles along X axis between two

I have a circle and wish to place 14 of them between the first and a location to the right of it.
How is this done ?

I enter 14 then 1 then 1 and select first ref point, that circles centre, then second ref point is asked for and if I click my destination point I get one circle appear there and none inbetween, because that distance I just picked is the distance between the first two circles. zooming out I see the other 12 going off the screen !

I want to tell rhiono place 14 between first circle and this picked location.

Furthermore it would be nice to be able as an option, to move the last circle and those between take on new spacings to suit.


Have a look here…

V5 it would seem.

I shall have to explore that when time allows as I am in V4 land again having forgotten how to overcome the dimensions permanent bug of V5 with no time to suss it.

codes and scripts and buttons is also something I need to get more familiar with.

Any videos out there on what to do with such would be good for me.

I could do with a day out of the race against the clock to gen up on this better.

Stuck in a catch 22 situation with no time to explore such as to what to do but the methods would speed things up maybe, unless I get the codes etc wrong.


V6, actually. Labs tools are generally prototypes of next version tools-to-come that you can plug into the current version to test.


I am out of touch with plugins and scripts and need some basic tuition with how these codes and plugins and button scripts etc are used.

Where does this tuition on such exist ?

Would this V6 be ok in V5 ?

I dare not do anything to upset the balance of this fast pace project.

I would love to learn and have time out to try it all right now, but time is not on my side, having lost an entire week to other issues.


Well my attitude would be to install the Labs Array plug-in in V5 (all you need to do is download and double click it), copy some reference geometry out of V4 and paste it into V5, do your array in V5 using the labs tool, then copy and paste the result back into V4… No risk operation that could go reasonably fast.



Draw first circle in position.

Copy first circle to desired position of last circle.

Measure distance between corresponding positions of first and last circle and record it. We’ll call it xxx

Use array command for 13 circles starting with the first circle. (Last circle is already there.) For x-spacing type “xxx/13” (Rhino will do division on the fly.)


Is it ok to copy paste from V5 into V4 ?

I didnt want to introduce any gremlins, however minute they might be, into my workflow.

I am loving the ability to copy paste from one V4 to another V4, leaving behind all the clutter of the build when analysing just a few items.

Workaround works, though mathematically by writing down the dimension to 2 decimal point, might there be a minute discrepancy of 3 dp in the result ? Just as if I had dims set to display 1dp the last gap might be a tad different from the rest ?


Oh, I doubt that it will introduce any real gremlins… :smiling_imp:

However, some of the evil spirits that are resident in V5 might want come along, so before doing your copy and paste, you might want to do a ritual dance (style up to you) and maybe put on a necklace of garlic just to be on the safe side… :ghost: :space_invader:


I decided to chew on some garlic cloves.
Now in V5 as I needed the dimension on curve command, so hope the garlic is enough :slight_smile:

It warned of saving as V4 so opted to save V5, hopefully I can stay with the migration at last. Dimension command quirky but hope to get used to it.


Chicken. Bwak Bwak B-B-B-Bwak :smiley:

Hi, Steve. It’s good to be cautious, but simple objects like circles don’t carry any gremlins and should have no problems with the SaveAs V4. The warning is just general.

How about you draw a line between the two locations, use the Divide command to place points along the line and then copy your circles click, click, click?

Now thats an idea :slight_smile:

I am using dimension, then working out what the original nice neat rounded off no dp figure would have been , then doing maths for the spacing.
However the Divide command could be good. means removing points afterwards.