Arranging rectangular curve top line

is there any way that i can arrange objects like objects right side, not one by one?

Grasshopper :slight_smile:

Hi Richard,

I think your answer is not very helpful for @odyssayer.
Could you elaborate on how it could be done in grasshopper?


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You are correct. He’s a friend and I’m actually teasing him since I just recently introduced to him grasshopper and have informed him already to provide more information for his questions.


There used to be some great guidelines on how to post on the old Grasshopper forum. Sadly, they have not been transferred over to the new forum.

I find that the quality of the answer comes down to the quality of the question.

Here is the old post by the Grasshopper developer David Rutten himself: Read this first! How to get help on this forum. - Grasshopper

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